Big Page Design will return

Big Page Design will return

I know everyone is thinking “design small for tablets and phones” right now.  Maybe throwing out the better design for quicker, more text friendly open spaces.  Funny how we all went from desktops to laptops then to small iphones and the design world followed suit.  Everyone is jumping to HTML5 to make sure their plain design work loads correctly on a tiny screen.  But if you look closely at the changing trend, first smaller and smaller and now growing bigger and larger.

Iphone to Ipad, 5 inch to 7 inch to 10 inch and on.  Going to be funny watching people walk around talking on a 7 inch iphone but I’m sure it’s coming.  My point is everything comes around  (maybe not parachute pants).  The only difference is the delivery of information.  Everything is still a book, photo album or magazine and we still read the same way we have forever.  We watch the same and we listen the same.   For me the answer is how fast we get to it.

As a people we’ve grown into impatient shoplifters when it comes to our form of entertainment and media.  Everything is on the web and we just want to get to it as soon as we think it.  Even Google starts suggesting things as soon as I type because I want you to read my mind and have everything waiting before I even think it.  When it comes to design my rule is “less links”.  The old trick is to put the information I want three clicks away and put ads on each page.

Fastest way to get people to leave your site.  Why make me read when I can watch a video.  Where are the pictures of the product, video reviews, what are others saying, buying?  Seems like a bit much for a tiny phone screen and maybe this is what is driving the higher screen sizes.   Big page design will return.

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