I’m a 5D Mark III user and it feels good

I’m a 5D Mark III user and it feels good

That’s right, finally bought the gear to match my creativity and quality demands.  I’ve spent a few years of my career working for start up companies and trying to make low budget design appear more professional.  Hasn’t been easy.  I confess to editing stock photos so we could use them for free, hacked software, etc to get by.  There is a badge of honor feeling when you actually own software and can take your own stock photos for products, employee pics or web site artwork.  Speeds up the work flow to just create the image you want rather than browsing google images for hours looking for just the right images to cut up and manipulate for a 300 x 250 banner ad.

Why Canon?  We all make that choice the moment we buy our first point and shoot.  After that we just buy what we are used to.

Photography really help me see everything as a composition, to understand lighting and depth of field.  As a designer I’ve been doing this for years using gradients and drop shadows but nothing gets you closer than a camera to understanding the human eye.  Twenty people look at the same painting or photo and all have different opinion or emotions about it.  Why?  What is it about certain photos that pull us in?  This is what I want in my design work.  Never could understand how a designer could know one area of design.  The excitement and challenge for me is learn new things all the time.  Knowing various art forms and programs not only saves a company money because I can do various task without them needing extra people but it also helps me understand what others do and how they do it, making for a better working relationship.

Hopefully it also shows the determination I have for creating quality work for people I work for.  Website design, business cards and print documents, trade-show graphics, animation, photography, video composition and editing and sound composition and editing.  And the learning and expanding continues…

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