Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Whether you’re an Apple fan or a Windows users, the passing of Steve Jobs is a scary thing. The whole Pirates of Silicon Valley group created (and snatched) what they needed to build their dreams and our every day gadgets. They made traveling the world as easy as a mouse click, ended the long distance call, reservations to hotels, flights and even a movie. It’s endless what they have changed in our daily lives. (On a side note: Obesity rate has gone way up since.) For those of us that remember having to actually go to a library to do a book report, fetch the paper to look up jobs or movie times, it was life changing times.

For me the bonus is that he proved that great design is just as important as the product itself. An Ipad is basically a device that pulls in apps that others created (not Apple), that’s it. A link farm. Add some camera functions and a touch screen and you’re all set. But the design can be appreciated by looking at what other companies initially came up with. Apple seemed to work better because it looked better and made more sense. Same for their Mac books. People expect a product to work but they buy it for how it looks and how it easy it is to use.  From a website to a new car.

Probably what scares me the most about his passing is how long it may be before another person comes along that will have a vision that will change the world.

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