The Adobe Trap

The Adobe Trap

The new Adobe cloud change should really make people nervous.  I was just reading over their FAQs and the trap is between the lines.

$50.00  a month and you get access to everything and all the updates as they are released.  Sounds good.   Right now the liquify tool in CS5.5 is driving me nuts every time it hangs.  Using the adjustment layer in Premiere rather than having to copy fx to each clip would be awesome but once I step into the Adobe trap, I’m stuck forever.

1. Unless you save every file as an earlier version (which we know will warn us things may look horrible if we do) there is no backward compatibility.  So even if you bought CS6 which is the last software version, CS7 will only be in the cloud.  What happens if you lose your job and can’t afford $50 a month?  No programs and none of your files will open in the last version you did buy.  What happens if someone sends you a CC7 file and you can’t open it?  You have to pay $50.00 a month just to open it.  So being trapped with no programs and files that won’t open in a previous version doesn’t sound good.

2. Most people don’t need to upgrade every version.  Some will buy the programs they want and they are fine not having to spend money on Adobe products for a while.  With this, you are always paying no matter if you care about the new updates or not.

3. I OWN CS5.5 Master edition.  I can upgrade and OWN CS6 for $500.00.  Own as in forever.)  With the subscription plan I’d pay $600 for it the first year.  That’s $100.00 more to rent it.  And that’s the first year.  The next year (if they don’t raise their prices) I’ll pay $600.00 for it again and every year after that.  Why would anyone do that!?!?

If they wanted to get more people on board then they should’ve come up with a rent to buy option or financing so people didn’t have to pay so much up front.  By the time some saved $2500 for the master edition, they’d be wondering if a new version was coming.  Then they might think, hmmm buy Adobe products or a cheap used car, an awesome camera lens, a new faster computer or anything else they could OWN without renting forever.

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